Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

This book, by Elizabeth Eulberg, tells the story that all of us “great personality” girls have dreamed of: going through a complete makeover in high school and being a total boss while we’re at it.

If you, like me, were one of those affable girls (and might still be; jury’s out on that one), then you know exactly what I’m describing, and you know exactly why I was immediately drawn to this book by its title. We ‘great personality’ girls didn’t date, we didn’t cheat on tests, we didn’t party, and we were as “nice to everybody” as the heroines are in Meg Cabot books. Sure, we had opinions, just like every human being in high school–but we refrained from being the mean little gremlins that kids are from sixth grade onward, and we kept our judgments to ourselves all the way to college.

While this particular book ended up being surprisingly dark and discussed a lot more than a Transformation Tuesday, its basic premise and its heroine’s sense of humor made for a compelling read. In the book, Eulberg points out that ‘great personality’ girls are actually the ones with real potential; they come out of school with an “IQ and a soul”, whereas other girls might come out with improvements that are superficial. Think of us illustrious GP girls as ice cream; we’re delightful on our own! We’ve got humor, we’ve got knowledge, we’ve got compassion, and we know how to party without alcohol or public appearances. But if/when we DO decide to add a cherry (i.e. confidence-building makeup or clothes), we’re real contenders for Eulberg’s “beauty game”.

You can enhance ice cream with a cherry, but you can’t just try to slop ice cream onto a lone cherry after the fact. And do any of us ever go to ice cream parlors just for the cherries? No, we do not. 🙂



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