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3 Truths from Amy Schumer

Photo from hbo.com

If you weren’t familiar with Amy Schumer a year or two ago, you probably are now. She’s become the kind of hot commodity that Jennifer Lawrence was (and continues to be) after the Hunger Games–and since the two are friends, the awesomeness has only increased!

Not all viewers (aka your parents) are comfortable with crude language in stand-up comedy, but even those women who prefer the more G-rated works of Ellen DeGeneres or Jim Gaffigan can see some accuracy in Schumer’s comments. Here are three points made by Amy in her recent HBO special that are particularly spot-on — whether or not we want to admit it.

  1. “Pretty girls love funny girls–and funny girls want nothing to do with pretty girls.” Yep. Girls with ‘great personalities’ only really seem to like one kind of beautiful girl: the beautiful girl who’s also really nice, and therefore one that everyone loves to hate but can’t actually HATE.
  2. Her opening lines on women’s underwear. Not going to put details here, but yes. I’ll just awkwardly look away now…
  3.  “Am I maybe…GORGEOUS?” I cannot speak for other girls, but come on. Practically every single book that we read or movie that we watch seems to feature a heroine who is actually beautiful and just doesn’t know it (here’s looking at you, Princess Mia), so of course we’re going to apply the same perspective to our own lives. We’ll find that “right haircut” someday, Amy. And then the world will know.

You may not be as good at swearing as Amy (and you may only be comfortable watching her videos alone with Ramen noodles), but hey: when it comes to cultural commentaries and women’s underwear, no girl can really deny that Amy Schumer knows what’s up.